About pages are the worst. 

My name's Kyra. I go by Ky sometimes because a two-syllable name is just too much, apparently. I'm 20 years old and attend a university in Arizona. It's generally too hot to function here and I can't wait to leave. I study journalism and my focus right now is leaning toward graphic design. 

This feels way too formal and serious right now. I guess I'll just fill you in on some weird things about me. I have strange talents such as figuring out what candy teas taste like, guessing the filling of Valentine chocolates (discovered 2.15.13 because they didn't have a paper telling me what everything was... Jerks), yo-yoing with my toe (that was only one time), and speaking in different accents- occasionally without trying.

 And now that I've managed to make myself sound like a total weirdo, I should probably tell you some normal things about me. I love music, foreign languages, photography, fashion and beauty. The latter two should be obvious based on this blog. I also really love tea and kittens (just animals in general, really). And with that, I will end this 'about me' page. 

x Kyra

Here's a picture of me. Water is super funny, I suppose.


  1. WOAH! I'm a journalist in Arizona as well! Small world!! I just found your blog and am loving it! :)

  2. Yay for AZ bloggers!!! Found you through ^^^ Mo!